An Approach To Building Happy and Efficient Teams

Organize methodically and maximize individual contribution

By Rob Johnson

Fri Oct 16 2020

dev teams

Some of the team types I've lead:

  1. Football teams
  2. Basketball teams
  3. A couple of rock bands
  4. Over one hundred volunteers
  5. Print sales teams
  6. Digital marketing teams
  7. Digital content teams
  8. IT development teams

A Musical Lesson Noted

Over the years I've found that you need to strike many balances in leadership. A small but simple principle arose when I was writing songs for my we're-the-next-Led-Zepplin band. As I would share the new songs with the band, I found that in order to bring out the best in a musician, you needed to encourage them to make the music theirs. In many cases they would want to make sure that they wouldn't mess it up. There would definitely be some anxiety, especially in the beginning forming process of a band. It's understandable. However, the more I would push them to make it theirs, the better it would sound, the more energy they would perform with. The more the band would sing.

I was 16 when I first recorded an album in a friend of a friends attic in Manchester. It was a great experience and looking back retrospectively there was a lot a things I learned then, that I still apply now.

Organize methodically and maximize individual contribution

In a band, the lanes are pre-made, the organization is straight forward. This helps you focus on what makes a band great, which melding what each individual brings to the table. Allowing each person autonomy to express and create within the bounds of the organization makes for happy people and a better product.

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