About Me

Where my passion for technology comes from and what makes me tick

By Rob Johnson

Sun Jan 12 2020

I first became obsessed with mobile apps with my Palm Pilot Personal in 1998, downloading apps from tucows.com until the morning hours — my handwriting has never been the same since. Then in 2002 I created my first E-commerce website and learned the, then, dark arts of SEO, payment gateways, conversion rate optimization and how to create blinking gifs.

The nerding out hasn't stopped.

To date, the most exciting thing I've done professionally has been to create an ecosystem of platforms and services that revolve around physical product and digital subscriptions. This has included being over the product vision and development of several mobile media and streaming apps (iOS and Android) and a large E-commerce website for a 150-year-old brick-and-mortar retailer. It's also included reorganizing departments to better engage content marketing teams to align their efforts to core operational objectives.

I've also personally developed a Marketing Automation platform from scratch that combines key metrics, tools and insights for various departments. It's helped saved me a lot of time and furthers my contribution.

This all said, I don't define myself by these experiences. I'm always seeking to learn and find it a thrill to contribute in new areas.

I'm currently enjoying rearchitecting sales and customer data, integrating a new ERP, developing a new POS that tightly integrates with an E-commerce platform and developing more subscription offerings.

I thrive in ambiguity and love organizing chaos into structure, process and rhythm.

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